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SCS-5 five stage manual bed
SCS-5 five stage manual bed

Technical parameters:

Power: 50/60Hz DC 24V AC220

Power: 60W

Dimension: 2000x620x550mm

Maximum lifting weight: 200kg

Lift stroke: 330mm

Cervical regulation angle: -60o~60o

The angle of the lower thoracic segment and the lower limb: the 60o~180o can be adjusted continuously.

Lumbar thoracic segment with breech angle: -60o~60o adjustable

Angle adjustment range: -60o~60o adjustable

The two bed side of the thoracic spine is the angle of the -60o~180o: the adjustable

Product performance:

Human nature of the design of massage therapy equipment;

Equipped with patient breathing holes;

The bed body adopts the double motor air spring lifting adjustment mode, and the operation is simple;

Five Dan treatment bed, convenient manipulation therapy on patients with supine and lying;

- can reduce the labor intensity of the massage therapist, and protect the health of the spine;

- equipped with imported linear motor, the rise and fall of the trip is long, no noise, smooth operation;

Equipped with a bed leg adjustment screw, regardless of any ground, can be adjusted to the bed surface of the multi body position;

Equipped with electric foot pedal switch for electric lift, and equipped with a hand-held point moving switch, can be carried out for the treatment of bed surface;

, treated according to the need to choose different supine and lateral position, period of five different supine and lateral position, five Dan lying position adjustment function, convenient of neck, lumbar treatment patients and lower extremity joint disease patients of different flexion extension posture of the treatment;

And the bed can be divided into cervical, chest and back, waist and buttocks, lower limbs sixty percent off Dan five;

The Dan angle adjustable, legs separate, can provide patients with a single lower limb rehabilitation training independently.

产品名称: SCS-5 five stage manual bed