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Computer thermostat wax machine SCL-1
Computer thermostat wax machine SCL-1

Technical parameters:

1, power: 22V + 50Hz + AC220V + 1Hz

2, input power: This machine is a double heating, constant temperature heating power is 2000VA, constant temperature after heating power 1000VA.

3, set the temperature range: 1-99

4, temperature control accuracy: 1

5, temperature measurement error: 2

6, instrument working environment temperature 5 -40. The relative humidity is less than 80%.

7, wax content: 30kg

8, thermal insulation performance: after the normal work of the machine, the heat preservation of 12 hours to 60 degrees Celsius for no more than 1 hours

9, the water level is too low automatic alarm device and automatically cut off the main power supply.

10, wax groove size: 600*360*350mm

11, weight: 40 kg

12, automatic temperature control device, so that wax is always maintained at 58~60,

13, due to the paraffin from solid melting point low, heating soft, attachment, plastic good, treatment will wax (cake) through the medical gauze wrapped attached in the conduction surface of the skin, wax, give full play to the insulation characteristics, so that the local tissue blood circulation to speed up, cell permeability, improve the nutrition of skin, to achieve the purpose of treatment.

14, the production of more than 10000000 yuan of registered capital of the enterprise

15, after sales service: my company is committed to provide 7 x 24 hours of telephone technical support services, in the 2 working hours to the buyer's maintenance request response, 8 working hours rushed to the scene to repair.

产品名称: Computer thermostat wax machine SCL-1