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Computer temperature keritherapy instrument type SCL-4
Computer temperature keritherapy instrument type SCL-4

Technical parameters:

Use power: 50HZ, AC220V

Appearance size: 70cm x 55cm x 145cm

Weight: 90kg

Power: 2500VA

Automatic work of the dissolved wax box: 0~10 days

The setting temperature range of soluble wax box: -99

The temperature control accuracy of the solution is 1

Way of working in the solution: continuous operation

Heating mode of the solution: electric film heating

Filtration method: liquid paraffin filter pump cycle

Soluble wax box volume: 40L

Thermostat setting temperature range: 0-99

Temperature control accuracy: 1

Thermostat working mode: continuous operation

Thermostat heating mode: dry constant temperature heater

Constant temperature box number: 12

Number of air supply system: 4 groups

Technical performance:

Luxury sheet metal modeling, beautiful and generous

Keritherapy instrument box made of stainless steel, durable

Has set the temperature and time to press the display button to enter the countdown function, to achieve the time automatically start to heat the wax, save a lot of time

With emergency heating and stop button, for general use, no need to set the time

Conventional parameter setting can be preserved for a long time

The function of automatic starting heating after ten days time.

Function to check the parameters of a week

Automatic detection and automatic protection of temperature sensor fault

Manual large valve out of wax, high efficiency, no blockage

The microcomputer automatically controls the temperature of each box, so that the liquid wax and the constant temperature box of the solution are always in the best use.

The multi group specially made dry constant temperature heater and the air circulation system, so that the constant temperature box is better

As many as twelve wax plates are made of wax, and the efficiency is higher;

Wax separation (anti electric wall technology)

Automatic leakage protection device and electrical insulation film, using more safe;

产品名称: Computer temperature keritherapy instrument type SCL-4